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PAYE online filing
March 2, 2010

HMRC have issued an urgent alert to remind employers that there have been some important changes to PAYE filing requirements. The deadline for submitting the 2009/10 PAYE annual return is 19 May 2010. This year the vast majority of businesses have to file annual and in-year forms online. 
In prior years online filing was only compulsory for businesses with 50 or more staff. Businesses that have never filed online before should ensure that they are set-up to make online submissions in advance of the 19 May deadline. The annual return including a P14 for each individual employee and a P35 summarising the entire workforce must be filed.
A paper form P35 will only be issued to businesses exempt from online filing. The only employers who can still file paper returns are:

HMRC's alert notice also includes a reminder of the new penalties for late payment of PAYE which are being introduced from May 2010.

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